Summer Plant-Based Workday Meals 07.01.17

Working from Home – What I Ate Today


Nothing like a day working from home to catch up on odds and ends. Meals during home work days usually involve more snacking and light meals.


My favorite dairy-free yogurt at the moment is Good Karma’s plain yogurt. Since it was sold out at our little mountain grocery store, I am experimenting with a couple of other brands until it returns.

This morning I tried Kitehill’s vanilla yogurt (5g protein)–adding fresh mango and a full serving of hulled hemp seeds (10g protein) with a pitcher of cold brewed iced green tea on the side.

  1. Plant-based Yogurt
    1. 1/4c mango and 3tbsp hemp hearts (360cal+fruit)
  2. Iced Green Tea



Fresh watermelon–yum! Not gonna lie, this backyard view makes everything taste better 😉!


Second snack of the day..Mmmm…Snacks! This plate consists of dried masala peas, cherry tomatoes, and two dried sweet potatoes. Yum yum yum. Spicy, sweet, salty, savory.



Leftovers for lunch–Edamame Gohan! Yum! This is a great one pot dish that includes rice, edamame, wakame seaweed, homemade nametake (marinated enoki mushrooms), and furikake (rice seasoning). Here is the edamame gohan recipe and homemade nametake recipe I used, if you’d like to recreate it. (If you can make a pot of rice, you can make this dish.)

Since I was splitting these leftovers with W, I plumped up the serving with some meatless meatballs on the side. –And of course, more iced green tea.





My current priority is eating healthfully, creatively and joyfully at home. In the past I may have forgone eating to avoid packaging. It is my current intention to get into a new groove with home cooking and then to slowly replace the packaged foods with foods with less/no packaging.

It is easy for us to berate ourselves for the things we would like to improve. However it is even easier to love ourselves enough to allow ourselves to change small habits slowly with self love, patience, and confident grace.

It brings me joy to see colorful, tasty, plant-based foods in my home kitchen. It is one day going to bring me even more joy to see these same qualities in my (future) packaging-light kitchen.


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